YouTube announced a cable-free TV subscription service.

It’s $35/month.

Up to 6 users can use the service per account.

It will be a separate app.

You can watch it on a mobile device, or on a TV (via ChromeCast)

It’s “skinny bundle” is similar to competitors, which is why YouTube is stressing its benefits:

* unlimited DRV via the cloud
* recommendations via AI on what to watch next
* reliability

YouTube has been working on this service for the past two years.

You can sign up here to get notified when YouTube TV is available in your area:

YouTube TV has partnered with the 4 big broadcast networks: CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC. Its 40 channels include Disney Channel and ESPN and the CW.

But YouTube does not have deals with popular cable networks like Turner, Discovery, Viacom, AMC, and A&E. So you will not able to watch on YouTube TV stations like CNN, TBS, TNT, AMC, and HBO.

People watch 1 billion hours of video a day on YouTube.

How does this compare to others?

The Wall Street Journal says that people watch 1.25 billion hours of live and recorded TV a day.

People watch 100 million hours of video a day on Facebook (FB)

People watch 116 million hours of video a day on Netflix (NFLX)

400 hours of video are uploaded each minute on YouTube.

That comes out to 65 years of video that’s uploaded each day.

In 2012, people watched 100 million hours of video on YouTube.

So the views have gone up 10x since 2012.

There are two reasons why:

1. In 2012, YouTube started using AI to make recommendations of videos it thinks its viewers will enjoy.

2. There is so much more content than ever before. Remember, 65 years of video are uploaded onto YouTube each day!

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