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Today is Tuesday July 5th

Yesterday we saw fireworks for Independence Day

Today Netflix had some fireworks of their own

Netflix was down 11% in June.

But it went up 6% last week on an upgrade and a price target of $120

Today it quickly was down $3 from Friday’s close

Then around Noon, the stock jumped from $94 to $101 within a few minutes

after it was announced that Comcast will have Netflix on its new set-top box

Comcast believes their new set-top box, which will be called X1, will compete with

Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s Siri

as a device essential for a “smart-home”

Being featured on Comcast’s upcoming set-top box

will help Netflix get more streaming subscribers

Another news which helped Netflix reverse its course today

is that they renewed their relationship with the CW network

This relationship started 5 years ago has been a win-win for both companies

The CW, which is owned by CBS and Warner Brothers (TWX), has a younger audience

which tends to watch streaming shows rather than broadcast TV

With the renewed deal, Netflix subscribers will be able to stream CW shows just 8 days

after the season finale

This means we’ll be able to bing-watch entire seasons of Arrow


The Flash

Legends of Tomorrow

and other CW shows

next May or June

Netflix reports earnings July 18th

The week of Comic-Con!!

Netflix has beaten earnings the past 2 quarters

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