Micron Tech (MU) reports earnings Tuesday December 19th after the close.

Options are pricing in a 9% move in the stock after Micron reports earnings.

There is a lot of paper in Micron calls.

11,000 $48 calls have been bought for Micron.

The stock would have to go up 14% for Micron to hit $48.

Out of the past 9 quarters, Micron has had 8 beats and 1 miss.

It beats EPS estimates by 9% on average.

And the stock goes up 9% on average after reporting earnings.

The stock has doubled this past year. And it’s gone up 400% since 2016.

Some analysts predict that the prices for NAND and DRAM memory will go down in 2018. This is one reason why Micron’s stock has had weak price action lately.

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