United Rentals (URI) beats earnings & buys NES Rentals for $965 million.

We’re building a wall.

Since Donald Trump was elected president, United Rentals has gone up 50% since November 8th.

And it’s up another 8% after-hours.

It reported earnings after the bell.

It beat earnings by 43 cents.

And it raised guidance for 2017.

But the big news was that it announced it would buy NES Rentals for $965 million.

United Rentals already is the biggest company in its industry.

And it just got bigger.

The equipment rental company was $43 one year ago.

Today it was $114.

After-hours it’s $124.

United Rentals has been a top performer for quite a few years.

FUN FACT: United Rentals was one of the top 10 S&P stocks during the Obama Administration.

It was the 7th best S&P stock during the 8 years of Obama’s presidency.

It went up $1,778%.

We think United Rentals will keep rising in 2017.

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