Under Armour sells Batman v Superman apparel & just announced its 1st line of golf shoes.

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TwinsTalkStocks, 8 year old twins Ashay Jorel & Devin Kalel, say that Under Armour (UA) is in the news this week.

Nike stole a top designer of Under Armour’s Stephen Curry shoes, Dave Dombrow. Fun Fact: Dave Dombrow used to work at Nike from 2000-2003.

Golf spokesperson Jordan Spieth showcased Under Armour’s 1st line of golf shoes yesterday (Monday March 21st) at an event in Austin, Texas. 3 models of shoes will be available for purchase April 4th. They range in price from $159.99 to $219.99. Spieth will look to defend his Masters title starting April 7th.

Under Armour is down today because of Dombrow’s defection, Nike’s revenue miss and Nike’s lower guidance for 2017.

We’re most excited about the Batman v Superman clothes you can buy online at UnderArmour.com. After all, we can’t wear our costumes 24/7. We need to cool civilian clothes and Under Armour has them!

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