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Today is Friday August 19, 2016

ULTA reports earnings next Thursday August 25th after the bell

It’s riding a streak of 10 straight beats

The stock typically goes up 9% in the 7 days after earnings

Two quarters ago, it reported an 11% increase in same-store sales

That’s amazing and almost unheard of.

People didn’t think it could top it last quarter, but it did!

Last quarter it reported a 15% increase in same-store sales.

Can it keep raising the bar for same-store sales?

Ulta is one of our favorite stocks

It’s up 46% year to date

And it hit an all-time high of $271 yesterday

It might be priced for perfection.

Everyone’s going to be looking at same-store sales when it reports earnings

With that in mind, here’s our earnings play

We recommend buying the $270 call

Pick the expiration of next Friday August 26th

We anticipate that Ulta’s stock price could run up into earnings

It could hit $280 or $290 by next Thursday August 25th

If it does, sell the call right before the close Thursday August 25th

You might be able to sell the call for a decent gain

We hope that Ulta can make our portfolio more beautiful

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