TwinsTalkStocks, 8 year old twins Ashay Jorel and Devin Kalel, received a package sent from Jack In The Box (JACK). On Monday February 15, 2016 TwinsTalkStocks filmed on location at a local Jack In The Box restaurant. The headline was “You Don’t Know JACK” They lamented that Jack In The Box replaced the mini cookies with mini churros. They asked Jack to bring back the mini cookies to the menu.

On Twitter, @JackBox tweeted ” I mean.. it sounds like Ashay and Devin definitely know Jack. DM me your address, I’ve got something to send them”

TwinsTalkStocks has been anxiously awaiting the package and it arrived today. They opened up the package and found a signed autograph of Jack. The signed autograph reads:

“To Ashay & Devin.
I’ll think about the cookies.

They also received two Jack In The Box ornaments/antenna balls and two gift cards.

They were already fans of Jack In The Box before and after today, their devotion soared to new heights.

Here’s a message from TwinsTalkStocks:

“To Jack,
Thank you so much for the gifts! It was very thoughtful and generous.
Your biggest 8 year old fans!
– Ashay Jorel & Devin Kalel”

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