TwinsTalkStocks, 8 year old twins Ashay Jorel & Devin Kalel, tell the “story” of Barnes & Noble. It was established in 1917 (99 years ago). It’s the last remaining national bookstore chain in the U.S., with 640 retail locations.

In 1974, Barnes & Noble was the 1st bookstore to advertise on TV. In 1975, it was the 1st bookseller to discount books. It sold New York Time’s best sellers for 40% off.

They used to own & operate the B. Dalton chain in malls. Amazon (AMZN) helped put competitors out of business, in particular Borders. AMZN now has a physical bookstore in Seattle and it may be opening up 300-500 physical bookstores in the country.

Barnes & Noble sell Godiva chocolates. In their cafes, they sell Starbucks (SBUX) beverages, but they don’t accept SBUX gift cards as payment. They do however, accept BKS gift cards at the cafe. The cafe also features cheesecakes and other desserts from the Cheesecake Factory (CAKE)

BKS took Gamestop (GME) public in 2002. It sold its stake to BKS shareholders in 2004, making it an independent company. It spun off Nook (NOOK) in 2014.

The BKS membership costs $25/year and gives discounts in the stores and cafes. Plus it gives free shipping!

BKS is involved in the community. It has fundraisers and book fairs. It has a summer challenge. If a child reads 8 books in the summer and turns in a reading journal, they get a free book from BKS!

BKS is a favorite of our family and has had been great American success story so far!

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