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We are doing our 1st video on an IPO

Today the 1st “unicorn” went public

A “unicorn” is a privately held company worth at least $1 billion

Twilio had the best single day performance for any IPO this year

Its ticker symbol is TWLO

It went up 92% today.

It priced the shares last night at $15

It closed today at $28.79

Yesterday, their market cap was $1.2 billion

Today their market cap is now $2.4 billion

Fun Fact: The record for the best single-day performance for any IPO in history belongs to Baidu (BIDU), which went up 354% when it had its IPO on August 8, 2005

You may not have heard of Twilio, but you know their clients!

They have 28,000 customers


* Box
* Uber
* Home Depot
* Coca-Cola
* Walmart
* Nordstrom
* Docusign

What is Twilio?

It’s a communication platform in the cloud that allows app developers and businesses to use voice, text and photo message to interact with customers.

For example, you know you can see where exactly your Uber driver is on the Uber app?

Or how your Uber driver knows where to pick you up?

It’s all done using Twilio’s platform.

Will Twilio’s terrific stock IPO help other unicorns have an IPO in this tough market?

Investors are eagerly waiting to buy stock in unicorns such as

* Uber
* Pinterest
* AirBnB
* Snapchat

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