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On Friday, the Dow was down 394 points.

Today the Dow was up 239 points.

It’s all about the Fed.

No, not Roger Federer.

He didn’t play in the U.S. Open.

His countryman did, however.

Stan Wawrinka has been the underdog in 3 Grand Slam Finals and he’s beaten the #1 seed all 3 times.

His amazing one-handed backhand cranked out winners.

Speaking of winners this year.

Twilio (TWLO) has been a top dog in the stock market.

Today Twilio released its Global Mobile Messaging Consumer Report.

Twilio interviewed 6,000 consumers in 3 continents:

* North America
* Europe
* Asia

Here is a link to the report:

Be sure to check it out.

Let’s go over a few highlights:

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