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We’re at Tim Horton’s

It’s the largest QSR in Canada

QSR stands for Quick Service Restaurant

It started in 1964 with one location

It’s named after a Tim Horton, who played in the NHL for 24 years

It started off selling only two products

coffee and donuts

Now it sells a lot of other food like soup, sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches.

Our mom loves their French vanilla cappacino

Wendy’s later owned Tim Hortons

Then in 2006, Tim Hortons had an IPO

The ticker symbol was THI

In 2014, Burger King merged with Tim Hortons

Now they both trade under Restaurant Brands

And the ticker symbol is QSR

That’s pretty cool

Tim Horton’s has over 4000 locations

In Canada

the U.S.

and the Middle East

It’s looking to expand in into the Phillipines

Even though the menu has gotten larger

Tim Hortons is still best known for its coffee and donuts

2 billion cups of coffee are poured each year at Tim Hortons

And 8 out of 10 cups of coffee sold in Canada come from Timmys

This is where Canadians get their coffee

And their Timbits

That’s what Timmys calls their donut holes


These are delicious!

QSR reports earnings Thursday August 4th

It’s beaten earnings the past 5 quarters

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