Sweethearts Clip-Gloss McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys became available in America on January 16, 2017. The Happy Meal toys are available until February, when the new Happy Meal toys will come out (from the upcoming Lego Batman movie, which premieres February 10, 2017)

The characters include:

1. Wink Wink – pink – strawberry scent
2. So Sweet – pink -strawberry scent
3. You Rock – orange – orange scent
4. LOL – orange – orange scent
5. #Laugh – green
6. Best Day – green
7. U R Cool – blue – blue raspberry scent
8. Friends 4Evr – blue – blue raspberry scent
9. Girl Power – purple – grape scent
10. [Smiley Face] – purple – grape scent
11. Be Happy – yellow – banana scent
12. Melt My [Heart] – yellow – banana scent

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