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We’re excited about going to Comic-Con next week

But we’re little bit nervous too

We think a lot of people at Comic-Con won’t be paying attention while walking

Because they will be busy playing Pokemon Go

We’re sure you’ve heard about Pokemon Go

You might be one of the millions that play the game.

Pokemon Go is the #1 mobile app in history

The game is a free download.

It’s only in a handful of countries

It the #1 app on iTunes and on Android for each country that it’s launched

It’s currently in Australia

the United States

New Zealand


and the United Kingdom

So it’s in five countries so far

It’s caused the servers to crash because it’s so popular

So Nintendo is waiting before launching in other countries

like Japan

It has about 21 million active users

Candy Crush by King Digital (now owned by Activision) had 20 million active users at its peak

It beat the record for an app to reach #1 on iOS and Android the quickest

The record was previously held by Clash Royale which was developed by Supercell

It’s the first successful augmented reality game

It makes about $1.6 million in revenue daily from in-app purchases

like buying Poke balls

Nintendo owns only 30% of the Pokemon franchise and owns a portion of Niantic, the developer

Yet the stock has soared 70% since Pokemon Go launched July 6th

That’s just 7 days ago.

Apple gets a 30% cut from iTunes purchases

Google gets a cut from Android purchases

Niantic gets a cut from developing the game.

Niantic was spun out of Alphabet

Investors bidding up Nintendo’s shares

Are banking on enthusiasm from other countries when Pokemon Go launches

Plus they are looking at other intellectual properties of Nintendo

like Super Mario

and Zelda

that can be made into other augmented reality games

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