Self-Driving cars are all the rage

Telsa (TSLA) is looking to merge with Solarcity (SCTY)

Apple (AAPL) has a new person in charge of Project Titan (their car project)

Longtime executive Bob Mansfield

Apple reports tomorrow Tuesday after the bell

Udacity announced a one-year online course for those who want to be a self-driving car engineer

The average salary for this job is $138,000

Besides Apple and Telsa

Google and BMW are also trying to be the leader for self-driving cars

So are GM and Ford

There are other companies as well

It’s predicted that 10M self-driving cars will be on the road by 2020.

We’ll be 16 years old in 2023

What will the driving test be like in 2023?

The best play to “ride” this trend is NXP

The ticker symbol is NXPI.

It reports earnings Wednesday July 27th after the bell

It’s had a string of beats the past few years

It’s expected to double its sales

Due to its merger with Freescale Semiconductor

But EPS is predicted to drop

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