Nvidia (NVDA) yesterday touched $120 in the pre-market

Then Citron released a bearish report

Noted short-seller Citron said that Nvidia’s stock price had come up too high, too fast.

Nvidia is up 238% this year.

It forgot to mention AMD, one of its competitors, is up 303% this year.

Citron gave Nvidia a $90 price target.

Yesterday Nvidia had its worst day of the year.

It went down 6.9%.

It closed at $109 yesterday

It opened lower this morning

It opened at $104 this morning.

It went down to $102.

Then a positive report by Goldman Sachs came out.

Goldman Sachs advised people to buy March calls.

It cited two upcoming events that will help Nvidia’s stock price.

Nvidia’s CEO will be the keynote speaker at the annual CES show in Vegas.

It starts January 5th. Nvidia has gone up 4% on average during the CES event for the past 5 years!

Plus Nvidia reports earnings in February.

It’s beaten earnings the past 8 quarters.

And the stock has gone up 19% on average 1 week after reporting earnings.

Investors liked what they heard from Goldman Sachs.

Nvidia reversed course and finished in the green

It ended the day at $111

And kept climbing after-hours.

It’s over $113 after-hours.

It looks like the winner for now is Goldman Sachs

And Nvidia!

And their investors!

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