Nvidia (NVDA) had a perfect quarter.

* It beat earnings
* It raised guidance
* It increased their dividend
* It authorized a buyback

The earnings beat was easy to predict.

After all, it’s now beaten earnings the past 25 quarters.

Typically the stock increases 10% after reporting earnings.

Today it’s up 14% after-hours.

It had a record-setting quarter:

* Record revenue : $2B
* Record margins: 59%
* Record earnings: revenue went up 50%

The stock has gone up 250% the past 2 years before today’s earnings report.

People probably thought that it can’t keep going up.

Well, it probably can:

* It’s partnering with Tesla (TSLA) & Baidu (BIDU) for self-driving cars.

* Its chips are used for Electronic Arts (EA)’s Titanfall 2 and Activision (ATVI)’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and other video games

* It recently announced that it will power Microsoft’s (MSFT) Surface desktop computer.

* VR (virtual reality) could be a $100B industry by 2020.

We’ll keep growing higher the next several years.

We think Nvidia will keep going higher as well.

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