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Today is Thursday August 4, 2016

Nvidia (NVDA) reports earnings Thursday August 11th after the bell

It’s beaten earnings estimates the past 23 quarters

The past 8 quarters, it’s beaten EPS estimates by 52%

And the stock price goes up 15%, on average, 1 week after earnings

Just like “Intel” was the chips for the PC Revolution

Nvidia is making its mark in the dynamic industries of today’s economy

Like virtual reality

augmented reality


artificial intelligence

deep learning

self-driving cars

Its biggest competitor in the gaming space is AMD (AMD)

But AMD targets the lower-end to middle-end gaming market with its GPUs

GPUs stand for Graphics Processing Units

And Nvidia targets the middle-end to high-end gaming market

FUN FACT: Before the CEO and co-founder started Nvidia in 1993

He used to work at AMD

Just like our trading career is in its infancy

Nvidia has a lot of growth ahead

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