Nvidia (NVDA) reports earnings Tuesday February 9th after the bell.

It was one of our favorite stocks last year.

Nvidia went up 226% in 2016

Many wonder if it can keep up the hot streak

The company is growing due to many mega-trends

* Gaming

Nvidia created the 1st GPU in 1999

It’s the leader for Graphic Processing Units

* AI – Artificial Intelligence

* Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

* Self-driving cars

80 companies, including Tesla (TSLA) and Baidu (BIDU) are using the Nvidia Drive PX 2 AI computing platform

Last month, Nvidia’s CEO gave the keynote address at CES in Vegas

Options are pricing a 9.8% move up or down after earnings

Over the past 7 quarters, the stock has gone up 19% on average after earnings

Earnings are expected to increase by 137%

Revenue is predicted to spike 50%

We are long Nvidia!

Long live Nvidia

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