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Today is Tuesday September 13th

Nvidia (NVDA) was a presenter at the 2016 GPU Technology Conference in China

They revealed that the new Nvidia Drive PX 2 will help Baidu (BIDU) and other companies power self-driving cars.

The Nvidia Drive PX 2 is a AI computer chip the size of your hand.

Back on September 1st at the Baidu World show in China

Nvidia and Baidu first announced their team up to build self-driving cars

Nvidia has more than 80 companies that are using its Drive PX platform including companies such as Baidu, Telsa (TSLA) and BMW

Nvidia also introduced two new GPUs, the Tesla P4 and Tesla P40.

GPUs stand for Graphics Processing Units

Nvidia is set to report earnings the 1st week of November

We are bullish on Nvidia for next few years

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