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We are watching the NBA Finals right now.

We are pulling for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

They need to win Game 3.

That’s an understatement.

We have ties to Ohio.

And as of today, Ben Simmons now has ties with Nike.

Ben Simmons could be the #1 pick in the NBA Draft on June 23rd.

He turned down more money from Adidas to sign one of the largest endorsements deals for a rookie.

Recently Nike signed LeBron James to a lifetime deal.

At our school, they teach us character education traits.

The trait for this month is Loyalty.

Nike showed its loyalty to Maria Sharapova.

Today Maria received a two year ban from playing tennis.

Nike announced that it would continue to “partner” with Maria.

At the end of 2013, Steph Curry could have resigned with Nike.

Nike botched up the renewal pitch.

They still could have matched Under Armour’s offer, which was less than $4 million a year.

Analysts predict that Steph Curry’s shoes are worth $14 billion in market cap for Under Armour.

I’m sure Nike wishes it could go back in time for a do-over on that one.

Nike has a good “track record” when it comes to earnings.

It’s beaten earnings the past 7 quarters by an average of 11% on EPS.

But the stock moves only 1% the 5 days historically after earnings.

Nike reports June 28th.

We will be watching for future guidance.

That could be the key to see how Nike trades after it reports earnings.

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