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Today we’re talking about Netflix (NFLX).

Netflix is up 2.5% today.

It closed at $94.89

This is the highest price in one month.

Netflix had been down 15% so far this year.

Wall Street gave it some upgrades.

Pipper Jaffray gave it a $122 price target.

UBS gave it a $141 price target.

RBC Capital gave it a $140 price target.

All three price targets imply upside in the stock.

Surveys show that Netflix has huge international growth ahead.

Netflix currently has 81 million global subscribers.

Analysts predict 180 million global subscribers by 2020.

Netflix gets a 20% increase in movie watching in America around Memorial Day weekend.

Netflix announced some new movies that will be added the next few months.

Including the Back to the Future trilogy.

And the Lethal Weapon trilogy.

The biggest news is that in September the exclusive deal with Disney begins.

This deal was done in 2012.

It will start in September 2016.

Then all Disney movies can be streamed only on Netflix.

This includes Marvel movies, like Captain America Civil War.

Pixar movies like Finding Dory.

Lucasfilm movies like Star Wars movies.

And of course, Disney movies like Zootopia and the Jungle Book.

They won’t be streamed on Amazon (AMZN) Prime.

Or Hulu.

Let’s see if Netflix can climb back to $100 soon.

Its 52 week high was $130, which came in December 2015.

We don’t have an exclusive deal with Netflix

Not yet, anyhow!

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