61 years ago on April 15th, Ray Kroc opened his 1st McDonald’s.

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Next Friday, April 22nd, we’ll be celebrating another birthday.

We’ll be turning nine!

And McDonald’s is scheduled to release earnings on our birthday.

The best gift you can give us, McDonald’s, is an earnings beat.

The stock closed today at $127.78.

We expect McDonald’s to hit a 52 week high after reporting earnings.

Depending on the overall market, McDonald’s should be trading north of $130 on April 22nd.

McDonald’s is eating their customer’s lunch . . .

. . . with their all-day breakfast!

Other QSR’s (Quick Service Restaurants), like Jack in the Box (JACK), got hit hard last quarter partly due to the introduction of McDonald’s all-day breakfast.

We think McDonald’s will continue to take market share.

We’re celebrating with a milkshake as a tribute to Ray Kroc.

Ray Kroc was a multi-mixer salesman.

In 1954, he visited the restaurant run by Dick and Mac McDonald.

If the McDonald Brothers didn’t have milkshakes on their menu, then Ray Kroc may have never have met them.

And the McDonald’s we know and love would not exist today.

And . . . [gasp] . . . Burger King would be the #1 burger chain in America.

The Weinstein company will be releasing a movie on August 5th called the Founder.

It’s about Ray Kroc and how he grew McDonald’s into a fast food empire.

It stars Michael Keaton and Laura Dern.

It could garner Oscar consideration when the time comes.

Happy Birthday McDonald’s.

McDonald’s, We Stand By You!

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