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Last April McDonald’s tested all-day breakfast in San Diego

It was such a hit, that last October it was rolled-out nationwide

All-day breakfast improved McDonald’s traffic & sales in Q4 last year

On Monday September 26th, McDonald’s will have another pilot test

In 73 locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma

It will test two breakfast Happy Meals

One will feature 2 McGriddles cakes

The other will offer an egg and cheese McMuffin

It’s basically a regular Egg McMuffin

But without Canadian bacon or butter

In the morning, the side choices are apples, yogurt or hash browns

In the afternoon, French fries will be another choice for the side dish

If this pilot test is successful

Then look for a national roll-out the 1st half of 2017

McDonald’s closed at $117.17 today

The 52 week low is $95.78

The 52 week high is $131.96

McDonald’s reports earnings October 21st

It’s beaten earnings the past 5 quarters.

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