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Have you ever played the Hasbro (HAS) game, Operation?

It’s not easy because the openings are not much bigger than the pieces.

We bet the designers of the DaVinci Surgical System played Operation during their childhood.

Today we’re talking about the brains of the DaVinci Surgical System, Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) – which is robotic surgery at its best.

Our dad bought Intuitive Surgical stock back when it was trading around $40 back in 2005.

He sold it at $80 a few months later.

That’s a double – 100% gain.

Today the stock closed at $670.

He would have made 16 times his money if he had sold it today instead of selling it $590 cheaper . . . at merely $80 a share.


Intuitive Surgical reports tomorrow Tuesday July 20th after the close.

It’s had 8 straight quarters of beating earnings estimates.

It will probably have another earnings beat tomorrow.

But it doesn’t mean that the stock will go up after reporting earnings.

Guidance is always a factor.

Options are pricing a $36 move, either up or down.

That’s a 5-1/2% expected move.

Historically it’s moved 6-1/2% up or down the past 12 quarters.
* 5 up
* 7 down

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