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Today is Tuesday August 2nd

Suicide Squad had its movie premiere in NY last night

The cast was at Comic-Con

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Analysts are predicting that Suicide Squad could set the opening weekend box office record for August

But the movie is not for the faint of heart

And neither is Fitbit’s earnings

Fitbit reports after the close

The ticker symbol is FIT

When it reports earnings

The stock seems very fit

It beats the average EPS estimate by 144%

Since it’s been public

That’s 4 quarters on record

But as soon as CEO James Park starts the conference call

The stock gets hammered

The stock goes down 13% on average one week after reporting earnings

Park lowballs guidance after reporting earnings

Which is why the stock tumbles

If Park can refrain from lowballing guidance

The stock could soar since it’s heavily shorted

We can’t wait to see how it trades after the conference call

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