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Today is Monday August 29, 2016

It was our first day of school today

We’re now in fourth grade.

Let’s talk about “current events”

Today Fitbit (FIT) announced two new trackers available for pre-order

The Charge 2 will come out in September.

It will cost $149.95

Its display is 4 times bigger than the Charge

It will provide a Cardio Fitness Level

Guided Breathing Sessions

And Reminders To Move

which suggest you do at least 250 steps each hour

The Flex 2 will cost $99.95

It will come out in October

It’s 30% smaller than the Flex

And it’s swim-proof

Olympic stars like Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky can use them when they swim

“History” shows us that GoPro was hurt by not having any new products last holiday season

It’s basic “math” that if you have new products for the holidays

People will buy them

Which will help improve revenues

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