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Facebook (FB) earnings

There is plenty to “like”

Today Twitter (TWTR) is trading 60% below its IPO price

And Facebook is hitting another all-time high

It touched $132 after-hours

before settling at $129

Facebook transmits 60 billion messages a day

Facebook has 60 million active business pages – it’s added 10 million more since last quarter

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Facebook has 1.13 billion daily active users – up 17% from last year

The estimates were 1.11 billion daily active users

Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly active users – up 15% from last year

The estimates were 1.69 billion monthly active users.

The operating margin was 43%

Last year it was 31%

It earned $6.44 billion in revenue, which is up 59% from last year

The estimates were $6.02 billion

Earnings Per Share (EPS) was 97 cents

The estimates were 82 cents

So it beat the EPS estimates by 15 cents

A year ago, EPS was 47 cents

EPS should continue to grow

Messenger just hit 1 billion users last week

WhatsApp has over 1 billion users as well

Once Facebook monetizes both platforms

It should help Facebook continue to grow

Plus, Facebook is looking to make more money

from Oculus Rift and Virtual Reality

as well as Instagram

Shortly when Facebook had its IPO

the stock went down because people didn’t think it would do well on mobile

Part of the rise in their stock is because they’ve cracked the code on mobile

Estimates were $4.8 billion in mobile revenue

They made $5.24 billion in mobile ad revenue

This is 84% of their total ad revenue.

Last year, mobile ad revenue was 76% of their total revenue

Its Average Revenue Per User was $3.82 this past quarter

Estimates were $3.59

Last quarter it was $3.32

For a company this size

it’s extraordinary how well Facebook is still growing!

Right now only one analyst does not have a Buy rating on Facebook

Let’s see how many analysts raise their price targets on Facebook tomorrow

If Amazon and Google report a great quarter tomorrow

That could also propel Facebook higher

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