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EA reports earnings August 2nd

You may know the company as Electronic Arts

It’s had 12 straight beats

Its last miss was on May 7th, 2013

The gaming industry was well-represented at Comic-Con

EA has some exciting games coming out soon

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Madden NFL 17 is available August 23rd

EA Sports NHL is available September 13th

EA Sports FIFA 17 is available September 29th

Battlefield 1 is available October 21st

Titanfall 2 is available October 28th

Even though EA has an impressive earnings streak of beating estimates

It typically doesn’t move much after reporting earnings

In our video from June 19th, we talked about EA being a great play for the Olympics

We think a longer option is the way to play EA

We think September calls are the way to play EA

Fun Fact: The founder of EA, Trip Hawkins, used to work for Apple.

He created his business plan for EA on an Apple II computer.

We think it’s “Game On” for EA

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