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Today is Tuesday August 23, 2016

Electronic Arts released EA Madden 17 today

Only 4 NFL players received a top player rating of 99

Many players were not happy with their ratings

We rate EA as a “top pick” for the next 3 months

Their slate of games the next few months is impressive

EA NHL 17 will be released September 13th

EA Sports FIFA 17 comes out September 29th

Battlefield 1 will be released October 21st

And Titanfall 2 comes out the following week, on October 28th

These games will ensure that EA will have a happy holiday season

As will all the people who buy and play their awesome games

We think EA is a strong stock through the holidays

That’s right. We’ve started our holiday shopping list

We’re looking for stocks that can produce gains this holiday season

And EA is on our holiday wish-list

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