Can Domino’s (DPZ) serve up another winning quarter? TwinsTalkStocks, twins Ashay Jorel & Devin Kalel, are 9 today!

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It reports earnings Thursday April 28th before the bell.

Last quarter it had same store sales increase 10.7%.

That’s a tough number to beat.

Expectations are high for Domino’s.

It’s up 20% since January 1st.

It’s up 5000% since November 2008.

So if you had bought $1000 of Domino’s stock in November 2008 . . .

It would be worth $50,000 today.

Domino’s is a technology company . . .

that sells pizza!

50% of their orders are digital.

You can order with a text

With a pizza emoji.

You can order with one touch on their app.

You can order online with the pizza tracker.

You can order with Amazon (AMZN) Echo.

You can order with the Apple (AAPL) Watch.

And in the U.K. & Ireland, you can order while playing on X-Box (MSFT).

They are introducing 100 DXP cars with an oven inside.

So your pizzas will stay warm.

Domino’s will continue to have a bigger slice . . .

Of the $33 billion dollar pizza industry.

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