Dave and Buster’s reports earnings Tuesday December 6, 2016 after the bell.

We’re here at December Nights.

It’s yesterday and today.

Over 35,000 people come to Balboa Park in San Diego.

It’s the 39th straight year.

It’s the largest free community festival in San Diego.

There are lots of vendors selling arts and crafts and ornaments, Christmas songs and food from countries all over the world.

It’s a family tradition for us.

We’re been coming here since we were babies. It’s our 10th straight year attending the event.

We love to come here to play and to have fun.

Another family tradition is for us to play and eat at Dave & Buster’s.

It has a really cool ticker symbol – PLAY.

Some companies know how to play the earnings game.

Dave & Buster’s is one of them.

They report earnings Tuesday December 6th after the close.

They have had 8 straight beats since their IPO.

We predict another earnings beat.

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