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When we went to Chipotle today

A greeter was at the door

He asked us, “Do you come to Chipotle often?”

He wanted to talk to us about Chiptopia.

We thanked him and flashed our Chiptopia card

so he could see that we’re already on board

We’ve already hit Mild status this month

So this entrée was free today!

Did you know that Chipotle has a secret menu?

You can order quesadillas

Or nachos

We’re making our own nachos

We think these are the best nachos you will ever have

We got a burrito bowl today

Did we mention that it was free?

And this free meal helps us get closer to reaching Medium status for this month.

Let’s make our nachos

We put in in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes

You can top them with sour cream


and guacamole

Chipotle reports earnings July 21st after the bell

In the last seven quarters

It’s had 6 beats

and one miss

Even though earnings were negative last quarter

Chiptopia offers hope of a turnaround

We’ll be enjoying our nachos

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