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Today is the last day of June

Can you believe that the year is half over already?

Time flies.

Pretty soon we will be back in school

Let’s not talk about that

You’re right. Let’s enjoy our summer.

Let’s talk about Chiptopia

The only other Topia I know is Zootopia and that movie was awesome!

Yeah, talk about a sleeper hit

Chiptopia is the latest venture for Chipotle to lure customers back after all the food-related issues that have plagued the chain in the past few months.

Chipotle has given away free burritos, chips and guacamole and had BOGO offers.

Now they are introducing a loyalty program for the next 3 months!

Be sure to get your Chiptopia card staring tomorrow

If you get four burritos in a month

Then you reach the “mild” level

And you get one free burrito

You can use your free burrito that you earned

As one of the 4 burritos you need to qualify for Medium status

Then you have earned another burrito

Which you can use as of the 3 burritos you need to qualify for Hot status

You are paying for only 9 burritos out of pocket each month

To get 3 free burritos in a month.

If you do this in all 3 months

from July through September

You will get 9 free burritos

Plus you earn $240 in catering

You get free chips & guacamole

Which is a $3.30 value

Let’s say you pay out of pocket for a steak burrito 9 times in a month for the 3 months

That’s $7.70 x 27 burritos

Which equals $207.90

You would receive the free chips & guacamole which is a $3.30 value

Plus 9 free burritos, which is a $69.30 value (assuming you get the $7.70 streak burrito)

Plus the $240 catering

In total, you will receive $312.60 in free food

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