TwinsTalkStocks, 8 year old twins, Ashay Jorel & Devin Kalel, analyze Wayne Enterprises & Palmer Technologies as Batman v Superman

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Today we want to talk about calls and puts.

Here’s a chart of Wayne Enterprises. It’s a large conglomerate with an annual income of $120B.

Bruce Wayne owns 51% of the company and is the chairman. Lucius Fox is the CEO since Bruce spends much of time fighting crime in Gotham as Batman.

Some jokers who call themselves “The Suicide Squad” just stole some blueprints from Wayne Tech, the biggest division of Wayne Enterprises.

Actually, The Suicide Squad consists of The Joker, Harley Quinn and a bunch of others who broke out of Arkham Asylum.

The theft of the blueprints will hurt this quarter’s earnings, so we could buy puts if we think the stock will go down.

Here’s a chart of Palmer Technologies, which was on the verge of bankruptcy after Ray Palmer’s reported demise.

Curtis Holt has reportedly developed a cure which enabled CEO Felicity Smoak to walk again. Once the tech is released to the general public, it could give a jolt to future earnings. We would buy calls if we think the stock will go up.

If you buy a straight call or put without any protection, it’s said that you are buying a naked call or put.

We’ll continue our lessons on options at a future Bat-time on the same Bat-channel.

Right now, we gotta fight crime.

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