Barracuda Networks (CUDA) reports earnings Monday April 17th after the bell.

Netflix (NFLX) and United Airlines (UAL) will also be reporting earnings after the bell Monday April 17th.

Most of the news coverage will be on whether Netflix and United Airlines will “beat” earnings.

But out of these 3 stocks, we think Barracuda Networks could offer the most upside.

In the past 13 quarters since its IPO, Barracuda Networks has as 12 “beats” and 1 “miss” for earnings.

The average EPS beat for CUDA’s earnings is 66.8%.

Barracuda Network’s stock goes up 9.8% on average after reporting earnings.

In comparison, Netflix goes down 5% on average after earnings and United Airlines goes down 3.4% on average after earnings.

We do however think that this quarter all 3 companies will beat earnings.

We think CUDA has the best upside. We are long NFLX January 2018 calls. We think that Netflix could be bought out sometime this year.

When someone from United Airlines ask you to leave the plane, don’t argue – just jump!

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