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Apple (AAPL) had a great day today.

It was up almost 2 points.

It helps that its major competition, Samsung (SSNLF), went up in flames.

Samsung has stopped making its Galaxy Note 7 phones because even the replacement phones are catching fire.

While Apple is the clear winner, Google (GOOGL) might also get a bump for its new Pixel phones.

Google spent $3.2 million this weekend on TV ads for their Pixel phones.

As a comparison, Apple spent $2.3 million over the same 2 days.

Google will spend hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising to get market share.

Apple should should do well this holiday season compared to its competition.

We recommend buying January 2017 Apple $120 calls

At the close today, you could have bought them for $3.45 a contract.

Apple reports earnings October 25th.

We think it will have a great quarter and a super 2017.

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