Two days before announcing earnings

Amazon (AMZN) announces Amazon Prime is now available in India

Amazon is looking to 1.3 billion people for growth

It has invested $5 billion in India the past few years

And it’s created 45,000 jobs in India.

Amazon Prime will be offered for free for the 60 days on a trial basis

Then customers can sign up for the introductory rate of 499 rupees a year

which equals $7.40 in American dollars.

Then the rate will go up to $999 rupees a year

which equals $14.85 in American dollars.

This rate is in line with Flipkart and its Flipkart First service

Flipkart is a homegrown company in India

It’s currently the leader for e-commerce in India

Amazon will offer free two day delivery in 100 cities in India

And 20 of those cities will offer free one day delivery.

As of now, there is not an Amazon Video service available

Amazon said that they will have one soon

And it will have Indian shows and well as shows from the U.S.

For comparison sake, Netflix (NFLX) starts at 500 rupees a year in India

And the rate increases to 800 rupees a year for Netflix India

There are a lot of bootleg movies in India

which might make Netflix and Amazon Video not as attractive in India as it is in the U.S.

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