To pre-order the Amazon Echo Dot (it will be available October 20th), go to

Each one is $49.99.
Buy 5, Get 1 Free with Promo Code DOT6PACK
Buy 10, Get 2 Free with Promo Code DOT12PACK

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Today is Thursday September 15th

You can pre-order the Amazon Echo Dot

This is the 2nd generation model

The 1st generation was $89.99

Echo Dot 2.0 is priced at only $49.99

The 1st generation came in only black

The 2nd generation comes in either white or black

The 1st generation had a volume ring around the device

The 2nd generation has two volume buttons on the top

One for louder

One for softer.

Amazon wants your home to have an Echo Dot in every room.

They have a promotion right now

Buy 5, Get 1 Free

Or, Buy 10, Get 2 Free

We’ll have the link for this promo in the description of our video.

The Amazon Echo Dot is the size of a hockey puck

If Amazon strikes a deal with the NHL for the 3rd generation Echo Dot

We would order the device with the Detroit Red Wings logo

But maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

We would like to have one in our bedroom

Then we could ask Alexa for a weather report each morning

That would help us know what clothes to pick out

Plus, it could help us with our homework

What? Our teachers might be watching this video.

Oh . . . we were just kidding!

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