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TwinsTalkStocks, 9 year old twins, Ashay Jorel & Devin Kalel check out the Amazon bookstore in San Diego, which opened on September 7th. It’s the 2nd location. The 1st one opened in Seattle 10 months ago.

Online reviews and online sales are the main drivers in which books are selected to be sold in the store.

The store does not have any prices on any items.

You need to scan the book at one of the scanners to get a price. Or you can download the Amazon app and hold the item in front of your phone to get a price.

You see two prices – a lower price for Amazon Prime members and a higher price for non-members.

All the friendly sales associates encourage you to download the app to get prices. And they prompt you to pay with the app as well, so you get the Prime discount.

The entire store felt like a showcase and a walking endorsement for Amazon Prime. It’s a powerful way to get non-Prime members to sign up for a 30 day free trial for Amazon Prime.

Amazon bookstore is another brilliant idea in the Amazon ecosystem.

Amazon is currently trading at $778. We think it is a strong chance to cross $800 this week.

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