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Today is Tuesday August 16, 2016

Last month we talked about Amazon (AMZN) at Comic-Con

Amazon was showcasing original programming

like The Man in the High Castle

Today Amazon uploaded pilot episodes on YouTube

If you search Amazon Studios on YouTube

You can watch the first episodes of some of their original shows

Like this year’s Golden Globe winner Mozart in the Jungle

And last year’s Golden Globe winner Transparent

Amazon hopes that you will get hooked on these pilot episodes

And sign up for Amazon Video

for $8.99/month

or Amazon Prime

for $10.99/month

Amazon Prime is a better value

Because you get the 2 day free shipping

Photo storage

and 1-day or 1-hour shipping, when available

and restaurant delivery

Prime members spend more money on Amazon than non-prime members do

Amazon would love to get more households to sign up for Prime

So they can make more money during the busiest shopping season of the year

Even Santa shops on Amazon

on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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