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On Monday, LinkedIn released its first ever Top Attractors list

It looked at the activity of its 433 million members

Such as views of job postings

Actual applications of job postings

How long new hires stay at the company

Views on a company’s career page

And other similar factors

They compiled a list of 40 companies

That they deem the most desirable places to work

We’ve done videos on many of them, including the following

In reverse order of their ranking

* Yelp
* HBO, owned by Time Warner
* Coca-Cola
* Under Armour
* Adobe
* Netflix
* Tesla
* Microsoft
* Amazon
* Apple
* Facebook

And coming in at #1

Google, or should we say, Alphabet

They have some incredible benefits

Employees can eat for free

breakfast, lunch and dinner

at over 30 different cafes

They have sleep pods if you need to take a nap

They have maternity leave

Paternity leave

Free shuttle service to and from work

Free on-site daycare

And much, much more!

Google, consider this our online application to work at your amazing company

We can start next Monday!

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