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Alphabet (GOOG) (GOOGL) is a superhero when it comes to mobile advertising.

Alphabet releases earnings today Thursday April 21st after the bell.

It has beaten earnings estimates the past 3 quarters.

But before its current 3 quarter winning streak, it had missed earnings the previous 4 quarters.

Revenue is predicted to come in at $20.37 billion.

CFO Ruth Porat showed financial transparency starting last quarter and will continue to do so this quarter.

People will look at the expenses of their “moonshots” like Nest, Verily and self-driving cars.

Google generates 99% of the revenue for Alphabet.

And it continues to look for ways to improve mobile search.

Google filed a patent to allow it to monitor people’s vital signs and facial expressions when they are doing a mobile search.

Google wants to adjust the search results based on the emotional reactions given by the mobile searcher.

This will help Google continue its dominance, alongside Facebook, of mobile advertising.

Mobile advertising is expected to be $100 billion this year.

And it’s expected to be $200 billion by 2019.

Google will need permission from mobile searchers to collect their biometric data.

And we’ll be paying attention to YouTube’s numbers.

How much would YouTube be worth as a stand alone company? $50 billion? $75 billion?

If Google reports another heroic quarter, then expect Friday morning Google’s stock to soar to new heights.

And Facebook will go up in sympathy.

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