Alibaba earnings came out today!

You’ve heard of the FANG stocks
* Facebook (FB)
* Amazon (AMZN)
* Netflix (NFLX)
* Google (GOOGL), n/k/a Alphabet

Today we’re talking about BAT
* Baidu (BIDU)
* Alibaba (BABA)
* Tencent (TCEHY)

This morning Alibaba knocked earnings out of the park.

Its 3Q revenue was up 54%.

It raised guidance for 2017.

Before earnings, Alibaba had gone up 9% since Founder & CEO Jack Ma with President Trump.

A few days ago, a report came out about Chinese internet companies.

The 2 most used apps are “We Chat” and “QQ”

Both are owned by Tencent.

80% of the Chinese online population use We Chat often.

Baidu’s mobile app is the 4th most popular app in China.

Alibaba has the 3rd and 5th most popular apps.

Baidu is making a move into augmented reality and is partnering with Nvidia (NVDA) to make self-driving cars.

We suggest owning all 3 stocks this year to drive up profits for your stock portfolio.

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